How to Go Out Without Derailing Your Weight Loss Progress

How to Go Out Without Derailing Your Weight Loss Progress

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Weight loss and a social life don’t always go hand in hand. Sometimes you have to sacrifice an outing or two to keep yourself on track with your weight loss goals. This doesn’t mean you have to be a shut-in every weekend. In fact, all of my clients have very active social lives and with the right plan of attack you can go out while continuing to make progress. Here’s how:

  1. Balance out Your Naughty Meal

    Lets say you go overboard with one food group. Your goal is to balance it out at the next 2 meals.

    For example…


    • SCENARIO: You go to brunch with the girls. The meal starts out with a complementary buttered biscuit followed by 2-3 mimosas. You go with the whole wheat waffles, hot syrup and fresh fruit—Oh and a few bites of your best friends home fries.

    • PROBLEM: This meal may have cost you upwards of 100g of carbohydrates and is super low in protein and fat.

    • THE SOLUTION- Make up for it by cutting back on the carbs at lunch and/or dinner. Stay away from starchy vegetables, grains, and sugars and make those following meals full of non starchy vegetables and protein. Feel free to add in some healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, a portioned amount of nuts, or a small amount of cheese.


    • SCENARIO- You know you’re going out to that super unhealthy restaurant tonight where even the grilled chicken is somehow swimming in oil. This meal is for sure going to be high in fat.

    • PROBLEM- Fat contains more calories/gram than carbs and protein, so high levels of fat means a high calorie meal. If you are on the keto diet and not worried about the amount of fat you ingest just be aware of what source the fat is coming from.

    • SOLUTION- Keep your breakfast and lunch low fat, but higher in protein and moderate in carbs.

2. Go In With a Post Partying Late Night Food Plan

  • SCENARIO- You’re out drinking with friends when someone mentions stopping for pizza. Before you know it you’re downing a slice while you wait for the Uber to pul up.

  • PROBLEM- When we consume alcohol our inhibitions fly out the window suddenly you ruin that perfect Whole30 streak.

  • SOLUTION- You have a couple different options here:

    • 1. GET OUT OF THERE- Remove yourself from the situation and head home early. Yes, you may have to take an Uber pool or pay extra for the X, but you will wake up feeling sooo accomplished that you didn’t derail yourself.

    • 2. Bring a Snack- This is my go-to move. Pop a protein bar like an RX bar into your purse before heading out so you have something to munch on while everyone is gorging on grease.

    • 3. Split a Slice- Satisfy you pizza craving without the extra calories by splitting a slice with a friend.

3. Know your Way Around Party Food

  • SCENARIO- You’re going to your Aunts 4th of July BBQ and you know there will food, snacks, and booze at every corner. Every year, you end up going HAM and wake up the next days with a hangover and a food baby. No bueno.

  • PROBLEM- You have no self control and end up starving yourself before the party knowing there will be endless food options, only to binge on everything until you are Thanksgiving Day level stuffed.

  • SOLUTION- Here is my 5 step solution

    • 1. Start the day with a fasted workout preferably some strength training and/or HIIT cardio. When our muscles are stimulated through exercise it primes the body to utilize more of those party eats as fuel rather than storing most of it as fat.

    • 2. Eat a high protein meal before heading to the party. Chances are you are more likely to consume more carbohydrates and fatty foods so lets keep these low during that pre-party meal. Stick to non starchy vegetables and a good size lean protein.

    • 3. Wait for the good stuff. Tostitos? Pre frozen chicken wings? Charcuterie? Who needs it? Don’t be tempted by the snacks and apps that come trickling out. If you had a nice protein filled meal before arriving to the party you should be able to hold off and save yourself the calories for the real food like the BBQ chicken, juicy steak, and crispy grilled corn.

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