Sweet Tooth Satisfiers

Sweet Tooth Satisfiers

Sometimes you want that extra little “somethin-somethin” at the end of the day. Maybe it’s that time of month or maybe you were binge watching Cupcake Wars and now the only thing on your mind is frosting and rainbow sprinkles. 

When we fight cravings and repeatedly tell ourselves “NO” it’s easy to rebel and eat all the things.

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On the other hand, constantly feeding your sweet tooth creates spikes and falls in your blood sugar causing low energy, amplified hunger levels, and increased consumption of even more sugar.


The longer you abstain from sugar the less you crave it, I SWEAR, but I’m not here to tell you to never eat sweets again. I would rather offer some healthy options to satisfying that craving without giving into processed cookies, candies, and drinks.


1. Mejdool Dates + Sunflower seed butter (or almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter)

Seriously one of my faves, but please don’t make the mistake in buying any old date. Look specifically for “Mejdool Dates” which have a luscious caramelly flavor. When paired with nut or seed butters it makes for a super decadent treat. I find myself eating these so slowly because the richness has me savoring this snack bite by bite.

Don’t overdo it on the dates

Although naturally sweetened, dates are a bit high in sugar and carbs so keep the serving size small. Luckily they are full of fiber helping to control the spike in your blood sugar levels. Therefore you wont be left with a sugary high and subsequent crash you would get from a snickers bar.

Dates are my go-to and I honestly only need one to rid my sweet cravings.

2. Clean Plant Based Chocolate Bar

If I lost you with the words “plant based chocolate” please come back. When I say “plant based”, I’m talking coconut ingredients as opposed to dairy. Chocolate bars like Eating Evolved, Hu Kitchen, and Loving Earth are dairy free, vegan and organic.

Why Chocolate is Great for that Time of Month.

Some studies have revealed a dip in magnesium during a women’s menstrual cycle. It has been shown that doses of magnesium throughout the cycle can help with PMS. Cacao is rich in magnesium making it the perfect treat any time of the month.

Here are my favorite clean chocolates:

Eating Evolved Caramel Coconut Cups

Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter Bar

Eating Evolved Cashew Milk Chocolate Bar

Loving Earth Salted Caramel

Loving Earth Raspberry Bar

3 Homemade Hot Chocolate or (if homemade isn’t your thing) Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao

Also rich in magnesium this treat is my period staple. I often choose hot cacao over an actual chocolate bar during that time of month for a number of reasons.

1. I can get pretty ravenous during my period so sipping on something sweet rather than eating it slows me down.

2. It is piping hot and helps with cramps (double whammy).

3. Its adaptable to any of my weird cravings, i.e. sometimes I will throw in cinnamon, other days I want a dash of chili powder, or I need to top it with coconut whipped cream.

Buy Healthy Hot Cacao

Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao has a mere 25 calories/pouch and has adaptogens made from mushrooms to help relieve stress.

Trust me, you do not taste mushroom.

Healthy Homemade Hot Cacao

Heres what to do:

1. heat up 8oz. of water, nut milk, or coconut milk

2. toss in 1 tbsp of cacao powder (not cocoa)

3. add in a pinch or packet of stevia

4. Mix or froth it up with THIS coffee frother

5. Top with cinnamon, chili powder, more cacao, coconut whipped cream, etc.

*Cacao powder is less processed than cocoa powder, therefore it retains more minerals and vitamins .

4. Greek Protein Froyo

This one is super simple and customizable.

Here’s what to do:

1. Scoop one cup of PLAIN non fat greek yogurt into a bowl. Since we are adding other flavorful ingredients to this treat, plain yogurt saves us on unnecessary added sugar and carbs.

2. Toss in 1 scoop of protein powder

3. Add 1/8-1/4 cup of water or nut milk to thin the consistency a bit

4. Place in the freezer for 5 minutes

5. Give it a stir and eat (or freeze a little longer)

VEGAN OPTION- If you want to nix the dairy just use coconut or almond based yogurt and a vegan protein powder.

Here are two of my favorite plant based protein powders:

Evolution Nutrition Chocolate Plant Based Protein

Sunwarrior Protein


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